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Commercial Renovation in Central Whangarei

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Project Address

49 Commerce Street, Whangarei 0110

Project Type

Commercial Renovation

Project Description

Expand workshop area and create a modern new manager’s room and reception area

Date of Commencement

3 March 2020

Completion Date

8 May 2020 (delayed by 5 weeks due to COVID-19 level 4 lockdown)

Hired by

Instant Windscreens Whangarei


Instant Windscreens were keen on renovating their new building to increase the space available in the workshop to complement their windscreen replacement operation. They also desired to create a separate, modern manager’s room and reception area. Together we saw that both desires could be achieved simultaneously. We heard their feedback and requirements and created a detailed plan, which was effectively implemented.  As a result, Instant Windscreens now have a professional reception and managers area and a larger workshop space.

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