Modern Classrooms at Waiotira School - Alpha Construction

Modern Classrooms at Waiotira School

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Project Address

Ararua Road, RD1, Waiotira 0193

Project Type

Modern Classrooms at Waiotira School

Project Description

Design & Build two classrooms and siteworks

Date of Commencement

6 October 2020

Completion Date

23 July 2021

Hired by

Ministry of Education


We really enjoyed the diversity of this project, which has added value to a local rural community school.  We built two classrooms which were co-joined with sliding partition walls to create a meeting hall.  In addition, the decking, stairs & ramps provided the finishing touches & now they have a great versatile space which can be used daily.

Contractors & Suppliers

Contractors & Suppliers


Northland Plumbing & Gas


Integrated Electrical & Solar Limited

Floor Coverings

MeasureUp Flooring Limited


Building & Fire Services (2008) Ltd

Aluminium Joinery

Whangarei Aluminium

Exterior/Interior Painting

Colourtech Group NZ Limited


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